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Wine Production

Wine Production

Our Wine Production begins with the harvest: the careful selection of the grapes, the perfect maturation control  and the respect for the productivity (yields per hectare), are the main factors to determine the quality of wines produced by Casarinivini. The control of all the wine production phases: soft pressing, vinification, fermentation, maturation and bottling, is directlytreated by Stefano Casarini, through his experience and creativity, he is able to express the potential quality of each wine.

Casarinivini devotes a special attention in using sulphur dioxide, an antioxidant, necessary but not devoid of side effects; the use of so called “sulphites” is regulated by European legislation enacted in 2005, which provides for the Declaration of Use from 20 mg/l to a maximum of 200 mg/l, however our company uses the minimum dosage of sulphur dioxide in wine production, demonstrated firstly by the fact that drinking wines is not perceived the annoying headaches caused by sulphites and secondly after one year from production, especially white wines tend to start to strip and take a slightly mature taste. These choices are sometimes counterproductive, but in the long-term we are rewarded with customer fidelity, demonstrated every day by drinking wines produced in healthier way possible. Such a care is focused not only in the production of wines but also in  the bottles appearance, that highlights a line of sober and elegant labels.