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White Wine

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white wineCasarinivini is synonymous with white wines of Oltrepò Pavese

White vinification is obtained by a fermentation process in absence of marc. This will produce white wines using red grapes like Pinot Nero. In white vinification the grapes pressed are immediately separated from the stalks, skins and seeds and so you get the “must flower”. The must, after being separated from sediments, is poured into stainless steel vats at a controlled temperature. In these tanks fermentation process will be activated, the transformation of sugars into ethyl alcohol and carbon dioxide. The process lasts from 10 to 20 days at a controlled temperature ranging from 18° to 21°. At the end of fermentation, we proceed with the transfer, for dry wines, and with the centrifuge for sweet wines, to discard the residual dregs and block the fermentation. White wines of Oltrepò are mostly fresh and fragrant wines, to be drunk young. They are able to satisfy even the most demanding palates


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