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In Selection category Casarinivini winery includes two particular type of wine:

The Dama rosso and the Camerlengo
These wines are classified as selections because the grapes are carefully selected and picked by hand in small cases by 20 kilograms, for about 2 days. After resting due to the grapes are squeezed with a very soft pressing, this makes it possible to extract only the wort flower, hence the two different roads: the red grapes destined to give life to the DAMA ROSSO are placed in tanks with automatic pump-over to color extraction, running off happens after about 5 days, the wine is put to rest in small tanks, after about a month it is racked and placed to refine in Slavonian oak casks from 12 hl for about 18-24 months. At this stage we have the refinement of the DAMA ROSSO, color consolidates and becomes intense ruby red, perfume is intense and persistent, the taste is harmonious , vanilla decided. While the white grapes that will give rise to the CAMERLENGO are put to ferment on the lees for about 5 months, in order to preserve the freshness and fragrance, hence a gentle decanting, which allows to give clarity to typical color of Riesling, the wine is the put to refine into a 5 hl tonneau and remains there for about 6 months. This refinement will enrich the aroma and moderated it. For this particular wine has obtained a decree from the Bishop’s curia that classifies as MASS WINE as respects all processing fees that their specification.


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