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Red Wine

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red wineOur Red wine D.O.C. production differs between sparkling and still red wine.

The principle to obtain a very good red wine is to use an excellent quality of grapes.

Red grapes are harvested when maturation level becomes homogeneous in the vineyard, otherwise you are forced with a choice of crop, the grapes are carried to the cellar where they are pressed quickly and placed into the fermentation tanks.

Maceration consists in performing continuous pumping over to distribute the wine-must on the grape skins to extract all the substances in it; with the inoculation of selected yeasts we immediately start the fermentation process, which will transforms sugars into alcohol. During this phase it is very important to constantly monitor the temperature that should not fall below  15° and should not rise above 19°.
red wine
After the maceration, which can be shorter for young red wine or longer for more structured wines and suitable for aging, we proceed with the drawing of wine, the separation of the marc. It can be considered a first decanting, after a few days we will proceed with another transfer, to oxygenate the wine and separate it from lees which can release unwanted whiff and below until we get a clean clear wine. Finished decanting, the wine is placed into storage containers, which are made of steel and must be always full and well-sealed. Stefano Casarini personally checks each processing step with both chemical analyses and organoleptic analysis; a further check is made by a committee of specialists of the Chamber of Commerce, which certifies and guarantees  the Designation of Origin Controlled.


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