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Bulk Wine

bulk wineProduction and sales of bulk wine has always had a significant importance in the economic chain of Oltrepò; if you think that the first wines were sold in kegs, transported on carts pulled by horses and were often bartered, then arrived the handiest carboys up to bag-in-box. In the 60s-70s crossing the economic boom, which has built large metropolis and opened the large factories in Northern Italy, Oltrepò Pavese has supplied bulk wine to entire families, communities and countries. Later welfare dismissed the consumer from the consumption of bulk wine to bring it closer to the more convenient bottle; today the crisis is, though marginal, skirting our zone and it has brought back many consumers to think again the carboy of bulk wine, so it requires a bit of effort but allows you to drink well and save money. Casarinivini, that is always careful to market requirements, is able to satisfy the demands of bulk wine with its products, delivered directly to the customer’s address in carboy or withdrawn by the customer directly into the cellar to Codevilla.